Legal notices

This page contains the privacy policy, copyright notices, terms of service and other legal notices concerning the website ("", "we", "us", "the Website").


Unless otherwise noted, all content on this website is © 2019 - 2023

User-generated content such as programs and comments are under the copyrights of their respective owners; with being granted an irrevocable, nonexclusive and worldwide license to to store copies of the content, and to display and perform such content solely for the purpose of rendering the functionality of the Website. Each user of the Website also has the license (granted by the user submitting the content) to make copies and derivative works of programs submitted on the Website as long it is solely restricted to the Website.

A user may choose to publish their programs under a license granting a broader set of rights (for example, by adding a copyright notice stating that the program is available under an OSI approved license). In the case where a broader set of rights have been applied on the program submitted by the user, those broader rights would be applicable.

Terms of service

By using the service, you agree to the following terms of service:

  1. You are a natural person capable of entering a legal contract and thus capable of accepting the terms set in this document.
  2. As part of these terms, you also agree to the collection and use of the data as described in the privacy policy and the cookie policy.
  3. You may not create more than one account on the Website.
  4. No representation is made regarding the availability of the Website, or the fitness of the Website for a particular purpose. You are entirely responsible for any losses or damage arising out of the use of the service.
  5. You will not send volumes of requests to our service larger than what a human user may reasonably produce.
  6. You will not use the Website in a manner that violates applicable laws and other regulations, and you are responsible for making sure that your use of the Website is in compliance with laws.
  7. You will not use the Website to interfere with the normal operation of, or to send a large volume of requests to a computer system or network.
  8. By submitting content to the Website, you agree to grant an irrevocable, nonexclusive and worldwide license to to store copies of the content, and to display and perform such content, solely for the purpose of rendering the functionality of the Website. You also grant each current and future user of the Website with a nonexclusive and worldwide license to make copies and derivative works solely on the Website through its native functionality (such as using the "fork" button on programs).
  9. However, you may choose to make programs submitted on the Website available under a license that allows a broader set of rights to us and our users (for example, by using an OSI approved license), in which case the terms set forth in point 8 is automatically implied.
  10. In case you choose to submit content created by another entity, you are solely responsible for ensuring that the content has a license that conforms with point 8.
  11. You agree not to post content that can be categorized in one or more of the following categories:
    1. Hate speech and/or abuse and threats directed at people or groups of people.
    2. Copyrighted content distributed in a manner that is in violation of the copyright terms under which the work is licensed.
    3. Malicious content (for example, pages containing viruses, phishing content etc.)
    4. Content that promotes or incites violent crimes and/or terrorism.
    5. Content of a sexual nature.
    6. Content made solely for the purpose of advertisements or self-promotion.
  12. We reserve the right to remove user-generated content from the Website with or without any reason being assigned.
  13. You are solely responsible for the content that you submitted on the Website, and for any harm resulting from the submitted content.
  14. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
  15. We reserve the right to amend the terms of service or the privacy policy document, or to make changes to the functionality or to discontinue the Website without prior notice.

Cookie policy

When you visit the Website, cookies are placed on your computer for the purposes of login management and security. We also use the following services, which may place additional cookies in your browser:

  1. Google ReCaptcha (for abuse prevention)
  2. Google Analytics (for understanding website usage)
  3. BuySellAds (for advertising)

Privacy policy

We collect some information about the users of the Website:

  1. As part of your visits to the website, we collect the IP address, URL visited and information about the device type and browser used. This information is used for understanding website usage, to aid in website troubleshooting, and to prevent abuse of the website. This information may be retained for upto a year.
  2. When submitting data to the website (such as logging in, posting a comment, or changing account details) we collect your IP address and retain it indefinitely. This is used to prevent abuse.
  3. In addition, we use services from Google and BuySellAds, as described in the cookie policy section. The privacy policies for these services are linked below:
    1. Google privacy policy
    2. BuySellAds privacy policy

Data deletion

  1. Users with a myCompiler account may delete their account on the settings page under the "Delete account" section.
  2. For users without a myCompiler account, we do not keep sufficient information to be able to act on data deletion requests. (IP addresses may be shared among multiple users, thus processing such a request may also lead to other anonymous users being affected.)