mahesh dbms

an anonymous user · January 23, 2021 · SQL
create table student(sid,sname,city,gender);
insert into student values(1,'fnand','hyd','male');
insert into student values(2,'bnand','nyd','female');
insert into student values(3,'anand','hyd','male');
insert into student values(4,'afgand','hasd','female');
insert into student values(5,'ghfand','hyas','male');
select * from student;
select sid,sname,from student;
select sname from student where gender='male';
select city from student where city like 'h%';
select sname from student order by city;
select *from student;
alter table student add street;
insert into student values(4,'afgand','hasd','female','ramsh');
insert into student values(4,'afgand','hasd','female','gshas');
insert into student values(4,'afgand','hasd','female','shss');
select * from student;
select * from student where sid between 2 and 5;


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