my sql

an anonymous user · September 23, 2022
-- create a table
create table customer_t
customer_id int (11,0)not null primary key  , 
customer_names varchar(25) not null,
customer_address varchar(30),
city varchar(20),
state varchar(20),
postalcode varchar(9)
create table order_t
order_id int(11,0)not null primary key ,
order_date default system date,
customer_id  numeric(11,0)
order foreign key (customer_id) references customer_t (customer_id) 
create table product_t 
product_id integer not null primary key,
product_discriotion varchar(50),
product_finish varchar(20),
standard_price decimal(6,2),
product_line_id integer,
create table order_line_t
order_id numeric(11,0) primary key
product_id numeric (11,0) not null primary key
ordered_quantity numeric(11,0)
order_line (order_id) foreign key references order_t (order_id)
order_line foreign key (product_id) references product_t (product_id)
order_line foreign key references product_t
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